1- Central Bank of IRAQ : Steel construction jobs tender according to 3000 each project and 1500 pages detailized specification.  2 each tower and podium area structures are fire resisted and balistic fireworks and miscellenous steel  works. This is ZAHA HADID's last   project . 

2- Ostim Yatırım 

3- İşbir Sünger A.Ş. : Polyurethane block storage and curing conveyors which are 2700x31000 mm and 2700x62000 mm, 6 each group and each group concsist of 12 each conveyor.  Polyurethane bloch weighing and conveying conveyor from production to shuttle. Steel buindings uninstallation and installation and misc. steel works.

Polyurethane block production Industrial Plant un installation, projecting and marking .

4- Akçansa A.Ş.: Readymix Plant revisions and engineering controls.

5- Çeşitli Çelik Yapılar - MKE Kırıkkale : Steel Jobs

6-  Design and Projects , prototype manufacturing support for Concrete Plant Manufacturer 

7- Radar Tower